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25 Definitive Ways for Finding Felons in Lubbock

By Last update November 1, 2023
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We know looking for a job with a criminal record is difficult, and we’ve put together this article to aid you in finding jobs for felons in Lubbock. This article will give you some tips on finding a job and then give you a list of specific businesses to look at in the area. Lubbock has a varied economy with a mix of agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale businesses, as well as growing industries in education and healthcare.

The city started out as a wild west ranching and farming community and has developed into the hub for a multi-county region in the South Plains of Texas. It has a population of over 260,000 people and has over 80% of the state’s wine grape production. Lubbock is culturally diverse with the most music venues per capita in Texas and is the birthplace of the rock ’n’ roll legend Buddy Holly.

Our team has directly contacted over 1,000 different companies in the US to find out what their policies are concerning hiring former felons. We asked them questions about their hiring processes (how to apply, background checks, drug testing, etc.), who does the hiring, do they have any programs for justice-involved people, what is their record for hiring former offenders, and more. We’ve compiled all this data and created articles that give you the information you need to know how to locate the best opportunities in the area. 

Our staff is made up of people who’ve been involved in the justice system. We understand what you’re up against and are happy to give you our experience and wisdom on how to get hired. Cut down your job search time by checking out our website that’s full of practical information to assist people looking for work with a criminal record in tow.

Jobs that hire felons in Lubbock

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Our website also has a great search function that will give you a list of opportunities for former felons in the Lubbock area and beyond. It allows you to target your search to specific industries, job types, and other useful keywords to show you just the most relevant openings for jobs that hire felons in Lubbock and any other city you want to look up. Give it a try!

Top companies that hire felons in Lubbock

If you’ve been looking for a job for a while, then you know the frustration of applying to job after job, only to be rejected because you have a criminal record. What’s the best way to find jobs in Lubbock that are open to hiring former felons? That’s a good question, and we’ll give you some tips on the best way to go about it.

  • Target one industry: Pick an industry that you’re most interested in or experienced in. Then you can customize your resume to match the skills and abilities needed to do the kinds of jobs involved in that industry. For example, Lubbock is a big manufacturing area. To focus on that area, highlight skills like communication, problem-solving, and the ability to learn quickly.
  • Go for entry-level jobs: Applying for management and higher-level jobs may not be a realistic objective straight off the hop. Start out with entry-level positions. You’ll have much better chances of success because those jobs have the lowest requirements and highest need of workers on a regular basis.
  • Go to a temp agency: Any major city or population center is going to have a lot of jobs to sort through. If you want to cut through the excess, then check out temp agency jobs for felons in Lubbock. Temp agencies know the local job market, and they’re experts at finding jobs for people, even those who are justice-involved.
  • Fix your resume. One of the most important things you need to have when you’re looking for a new job is an up-to-date resume that highlights your best skills and knowledge. If you need some guidance and help with creating a resume, then we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our complete guide to making a resume with a record.

It’s not easy to find good information about hiring practices regarding justice-involved folks. We’ve done some digging and have come up with companies that hire felons in Lubbock for you to consider. Click on the company name to jump to its section, or just keep reading to see all of them. 

Bahama Buck’s

Cinemark USA, Inc.

Express, Inc.

GF Hotels & Resorts

United Supermarkets

PlainsCapital Bank


Tyler Technologies

Texas Roadhouse

Vector Marketing

Now, let’s go through some places in Lubbock where you’ll have the best chance of landing a job.

Bahama Buck’s

If you love frozen drinks and shaved ice, then you should check out Bahama Buck’s. They have several locations in the Lubbock area and several different retail positions.

The most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Key-holder
  • Shift leader
  • Cashier
  • Customer service associate
  • Shift manager

Cinemark USA, Inc. 

For something in the movie business, take a look at Cinemark theaters in Lubbock. They’re a big chain and have a good number of entry-level positions available.

Some good jobs for former felons:

  • Counter Server
  • Part-Time Assistant Manager
  • Janitor
  • Clerk

Express, Inc.

To get into the clothing industry, check out Express, Inc. They’re a fashion retailer that operates stores including Express, Bonobos, and UpWest. They have both online and physical stores, including some in the Lubbock area. 

Here are some nice entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Sales Associate
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Stocking
  • Clerk

GF Hotels and Resorts

The hotel industry is big in the Lubbock area. GF Hotels & Resorts is a full-service hospitality ownership and management company. They assist business owners in operating their hotels and resorts and have lots of openings for local hotel businesses.

Some promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Line Cook
  • Hotel front desk
  • Dishwasher
  • Hotel Maintenance Engineer
  • Server

United Supermarkets

For something in the grocery store area, take a look at United Supermarkets. They’re a locally-based grocery store chain with stores in North Texas, West Texas, and New Mexico. They’re always looking for good workers and have a variety of job openings.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Stocker
  • Checker
  • Shopper
  • Bakery clerk
  • Receiver

PlainsCapital Bank

In the financial industry, it’s tougher to find opportunities, but if you want to go down that path, then take a look at PlainsCapital Bank. They’re one of the largest independent banks in Texas, with over $11 billion in assets and more than 60 branches across Texas, including Lubbock.

Possible job opportunities for former felons:

  • Teller
  • Loan Assistant
  • Customer Solution Center Agent
  • Administrative Assistant


If you’re looking for something related to transportation or cars, then check out Enterprise. Enterprise Holdings is a leading provider of car and truck rental, van-pooling, and car-sharing services, as well as car sales and fleet management. They have a lot of jobs in the Lubbock area.

Some promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Driver
  • Management Trainee
  • Assistant Manager
  • Detailer
  • Maintenance

Tyler Technologies

If you have some computer skills and are looking for a job in the technology field, then you might want to look at Tyler Technologies. They’re a company that provides software and services for government organizations and educational institutions.

Here are a few of the more popular job openings in the Lubbock area:

  • Associate Software Support Specialist
  • IT Specialist
  • Implementation Analyst
  • Deployment
  • IT Support

Texas Roadhouse

For someone who loves food and serving food, a Texas favorite is the Texas Roadhouse. They’re a big steakhouse chain that serves food done with a Texan and Southwestern style. They have a location in Lubbock.

Promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Busser
  • Server
  • Host
  • Dishwasher
  • Line Cook

Vector Marketing

If you like kitchen utensils and sharp stuff, then Vector Marketing might have a good job for you. Vector Marketing runs marketing and direct sales for Cutco Cutlery, the largest kitchen cutlery manufacturer in North America.

A few promising opportunities for former felons:

  • Sales Rep
  • Telemarketing
  • Remote Rep
  • Direct Marketer

Trucking jobs for felons in Lubbock

Trucking is big business all over the world, especially in the US. They’re always hiring, and they’re great at giving former felons opportunities. If you’re looking to become a truck driver, many companies will even train you for free to be a trucker. 

If you’re looking for trucking jobs for felons in Lubbock, here are some good ones:

  • White Transportation Services
  • Robert Heath Trucking, Inc.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line
  • Lykes Cartage Co., Inc.
  • FedEx Freight

Warehouse jobs for felons in Lubbock

A job in a warehouse can be hard work, but they have a good reputation for giving the justice-involved a second chance. They’re always looking for reliable workers and usually have a variety of positions available from pickers to loaders to forklift operators to truck drivers. 

Here are some of the solid warehouse jobs for felons in Lubbock:

  • Robertson Bonded Warehouse, Inc.
  • Llano Logistics, Inc.
  • Lubbock Logistics Center
  • Frito-Lay Warehouse
  • Wilkerson Storage Co.

Temp agency jobs for felons in Lubbock

If you need to get a job fast or are looking for something to cover you until you find your next full-time gig, then temp agencies (also known as staffing agencies) can help. Local staffing agencies are a great resource for any jobseeker because they always have a large inventory of job openings to look at, they know the local job market, and they’re familiar with your situation. There are quite a few employment agency jobs for felons in Lubbock.

These are some of the top temp agencies in Lubbock:

Second chance and job training programs for felons in Lubbock

The state of Texas doesn’t have any statewide Ban the Box laws. A few localities do, but unfortunately, Lubbock isn’t one of them. However, if you need some additional help, then there are some second chance and job training programs for felons in Lubbock that aid former felons. These programs provide access to resources for housing, financial aid, education, and more.

Resources for former felons in Lubbock:

  • Sharing Hope Ministry
    • Mission:Is to assist at-risk and incarcerated women in changing their story by sharing hope through Christ’s love.
    • Services offered: Employment, Family Housing, Spiritual Services
  • Prison Fellowship
    • Mission: To restore those affected by crime and incarceration.
    • Services offered: Addiction and Recovery, Education, Family
  • Alternative Solutions Associates, Inc. Re-Entry Program
    • Mission: The benefits to providing good reentry services are inmates are able to return to the community with a greater chance to succeed and by providing these services a county can reduce recidivism rates.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Housing, Other
  • US Department of Veteran Affairs
    • Mission: To provide veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned — and to do so by adhering to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability, and stewardship.
    • Services offered: Addiction and Recovery, Employment, Housing, Legal, Medical, Mental Health
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