Adam Sanders

Founder & Reentry Advisor

Adam Sanders has worked as a reentry advisor, program leader, and teacher at San Quentin State prison in San Quentin California for several years. He co-founded San Quentin's financial literacy program and is passionate about helping former offenders successfully re-enter society and find personal and financial success. Adam also has nearly a decade of experience working in Marketing and Finance for large software companies and an MBA from Northwestern University.

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Does Hunt Transportation Hire Felons in 2021?

If you’re looking to get back into trucking or simply think it would be a good fit for you, we want to help you. Learning how your record impacts your application is the first step in finding out the answer to: Does Hunt Transportation hire felons. This article will help you find out the answer […]
By Adam Sanders Last update October 15, 2018
What you need to know about asking for a letter of recommendation

How To Ask For A Letter Of Recommendation As A Felon

How to ask for a letter of recommendation as a felon is not something they teach you in prison. Very few job seekers obtain letters of recommendation and even fewer know how to ask for a letter of recommendation as a felon. Those who do know how to ask for a letter of recommendation as a felon understand […]
By Adam Sanders Last update July 3, 2015
Find out if felony expungement is an option

Is Felony Expungement Possible For You?

Find out if felony expungement is possible for you is a vital step to take once you leave prison. Having a criminal record can create a lot of problems for you throughout the job search. Employers will often ask if you have been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense on the job application before […]
By Adam Sanders Last update June 26, 2015
Spending your time in prison wisely

Spending Prison Time Wisely For Those Inside

Spending prison time wisely is vital to your success. While you are in prison you have one major luxury that most on the outside do not have. FREE TIME. Once your prison time is over and you are released all of the hours you filled watching tv, playing in the yard, sitting around talking with your […]
By Adam Sanders Last update June 17, 2015