Sharing Hope Ministry

Services offered: Employment Family Housing Spiritual Services

Restrictions: Assists women only

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Address P.O. Box 7160, Amarillo, TX 79114

Community area Served Amarillo, Texas, with religious services offered nationally

Phone Number (806) 358-7803

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Sharing Hope Ministry mission Is to assist at-risk and incarcerated women in changing their story by sharing hope through Christ’s love.

More information on services provided:

  • Housing
    • Patsy’s Place Transitional Home provides clothing, food, hygiene items, medical and dental care assistance, life skills classes to help women grow and heal
  • Religious (national services)
    • Life Recovery Bible
    • Bible studies
    • Prayer correspondence
    • Aftercare packet
    • Local services: Center for Advancement, an outreach ministry, provides clothing, food, and hygiene items as well as life skills and GED classes