Oakland California downtown

20 Certain Ways to Find Jobs for Felons in Oakland in 2022

Oakland is a stable and long-standing city with many career opportunities. You may be struggling to find work after your release, but there are plenty of jobs for felons in Oakland. All you need are the right resources! With almost 45,000 firms locally and a population of 433,000, Oakland is a large city with a […]
By Adam Sanders Last update November 16, 2022
Garland Texas cityscape

23 Solid Ways to Find Jobs for Felons in Garland in 2022

Let’s face it, looking for a new job is not fun. Especially for justice involved people searching for jobs for felons in Garland. Our team at Relaunch Pad understands your struggles because many of us have been in your shoes. This article will provide you with some good information, tips, and specific places to look […]
Garland Brewster headshot
By Garland Brewster Last update November 2, 2022
Henderson Nevada cityscape

15 Proven Methods for Finding Jobs for Felons in Henderson in 2022

Sitting just outside the ever-bustling Las Vegas, Henderson is a goldmine for local employment. Finding work after your release can be difficult, but there are plenty of jobs for felons in Henderson, Nevada. With large companies in industries from tech to hospitality to heavy equipment sales, there’s something for everyone! Clark County, where Henderson is […]
By Adam Sanders Last update October 13, 2022