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19 Top Methods to Find Jobs for Felons in Honolulu in 2023

By Last update May 25, 2022
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With roughly 950,000 people and 76,000 businesses, Honolulu, Hawaii, is a great choice for a fresh start. We know trying to find a job with a criminal history can be challenging, so we’ve created a document that’ll help you find jobs for felons in Honolulu. 

Our staff have been in this situation, as many of us are former offenders ourselves. That’s why our team has taken the time to reach out to over 1,000 companies to ask about their hiring practices for former felons. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, saving you valuable job hunting time and energy by finding companies that hire felons. 

Jobs that hire felons in Honolulu

Honolulu Hawaii downtown

We’ve come up with a search feature below to help you find jobs that hire felons in Honolulu. All you have to do is narrow it down by job type, industry, or distance, for example. 

Top companies that hire felons in Honolulu

While you could focus your search on Honolulu’s major industry sectors like government and professional services, you might miss out on opportunities such as leisure and hospitality or trade and transport services, which you may be more qualified for. That’s because many of these jobs have entry-level positions. Entry-level positions are often the easiest and fastest ways for someone with a criminal background to get a job. These can easily be found when you consider temp agency jobs for felons. 

Below, we’ve organized the top companies that hire felons in Honolulu. Simply click on the company name for more information or continue reading to explore more options. 


Outrigger Resorts

Hawaiian Airlines


Hawaiian Telecom

Servco Pacific

The Pig and the Lady

Par Petroleum

Nordic PCL

Marukai Wholesale Mart

Before you begin job hunting, one of the most important pieces you’ll need is an updated resume. If you’re not sure about how yours looks or you don’t have one and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ll help with that, too. Follow this link to get to our resume guide for former felons. 

Now, let’s look at some options at companies in Honolulu that hire former offenders. 


Matson provides shipping services to and from the Hawaiin Islands. If you’re interested in this type of work, an entry-level job here is a great way to get your foot in the door. 

A few of their entry-level jobs are: 

  • Accountant
  • Customer service
  • Forklift driver
  • Loading/unloading
  • Truck driver

Outrigger Resorts

Outrigger Resorts is a luxury hotel chain in Honolulu. This would be great for former felons who are looking to get into the hospitality industry.

Their entry-level positions are: 

  • Receptionist
  • Sales
  • Custodial
  • Food services
  • Driver

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline in Hawaii and employs more than 6,000 people. If you’d like a job in aviation, an entry-level job here is perfect for you.

Entry-level jobs here are: 

  • Ticket counter
  • Sales
  • Flight attendant
  • Food services
  • Transportation


Zippy’s is a casual restaurant chain in Honolulu. If you’re wanting a job in food services, this would be great for you.

Entry-level jobs here include: 

  • Server
  • Cashier
  • Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Greeter

Hawaiian Telcom

Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaiian Telcom is the dominant local phone company for the state. 

The entry-level positions here are: 

  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Mechanic
  • Accounts payable

Servco Pacific

Servco Pacific is the state’s leader in automotive products and services. If you’re handy with a wrench and are interested in vehicles, this could be a great new start for you.

Entry-level positions here include: 

  • Mechanic
  • Maintenance
  • Driver
  • Sales
  • Customer service

The Pig and the Lady

A family-focused affair, prepare to dive in to a really tight-knit, busy work environment that is a local favorite. Bring a good attitude, accountability, and a strong work ethic and you’ll find your shifts fly by at this restaurant.

Entry-level jobs include: 

  • Food prep
  • Dishwasher
  • Line cook
  • Host

Par Petroleum

Local Mid-Pac Petroleum has been acquired, but is still offering fantastic jobs in the energy industry. They have a history presence in Honolulu and can offer some great job security.

Some of their entry-level positions are: 

  • Administration
  • Maintenance 
  • Rig Worker
  • Technician

Nordic PCL

Have you seen the white, yellow, and green signs around Honolulu? This construction company is an industry giant that also serves the mainland and beyond. You’ll find a lot of skilled trades work here, as well as other more general roles that you can gain experience in.

A few of the entry-level jobs here include: 

  • Administration
  • General Laborer
  • HVAC Technician
  • Custodial and Maintenance

Marukai Wholesale Mart

This Japanese-themed grocery warehouse offers a number of local products specific to Hawaii in addition to its main offerings. If you’re looking for a friendly environment with lots of work to do, you’ve come to the right place.

Some of the entry-level jobs here are: 

  • Cashier
  • Maintenance
  • Receiver
  • Meat Wrapper
  • Produce MAnager

Trucking jobs for felons in Honolulu

If you’re looking for trucking jobs for felons in Honolulu, you’re in the right place. Trucking companies are known for hiring former offenders. 

Here are the top trucking companies in Honolulu: 

  • Akana Trucking, Inc.
  • Touchdown Trucking
  • Abf Trucking System
  • Kano Trucking Service
  • International Express, Inc. 

Warehouse jobs for felons in Honolulu

Whether you want to work on the line or in an administrative role, there are plenty of entry-level positions to be found in a warehouse. 

Here are the top warehouse jobs for felons in Honolulu: 

  • Kapo Trading Company
  • Unicold Corporation
  • D. Otani Produce
  • Hawaiian Ice Company
  • C. S. Wo & Sons

Temp agency jobs for felons in Honolulu

There are quite a few employment agency jobs for felons in Honolulu. You should consider one of these jobs if you’d like a temporary position until you find something more permanent or you’re keeping your options open until you find the right job. 

Here are the top temp agency jobs for felons in Honolulu: 

Second chance and job training programs for felons in Honolulu

Hawaii abides by the Ban the Box laws in their state. This means that employers are expected to consider the applicant’s qualifications instead of focusing on their criminal record when initially assessing their application. You have the same chance of landing an interview as someone without a criminal record does!

Second chance and job training programs for felons in Honolulu are a great resource for former offenders to get back into the workforce.

These programs in Honolulu include: 

  • Hawaii Department of Corrections
    • Mission: The mission of the Department of Public Safety (PSD) is to uphold justice and public safety by providing correctional and law enforcement services to Hawaii’s communities with professionalism, integrity and fairness.
    • Services offered: Addiction and Recovery, Clothing and Household, Education, Food, Medical, Mental Health
  • WorkNet, Inc
    • Mission: WorkNet is an innovative non-profit that prepares offenders for a successful reentry back into community living to reduce recidivism. Our services include helping clients find jobs, secure housing, obtain their driver’s license, and restore their identity documents so they can be gainfully employed.
    • Services offered: Employment, Housing, Legal, Mental Health
  • Makana O Ke Akua (MOKA)
    • Mission: Our mission is to provide a structured, clean and sober living environment for men who want to make a positive change with their lives.
    • Services offered: Education, Housing, Legal
  • The Community Assistance Center
    • Mission: Improves the criminal justice system and its results by initiating and supporting penal reform, educating the public, and developing programs tailored to the needs of Hawaii’s people.
    • Services offered: Clothing and Household, Employment, Housing
  • Diocese Of Honolulu Prison Ministries
    • Mission: A steadfast discipleship of Christ-bearers, guided by the Holy Spirit, unites those in prison with the Christian community in charity and justice.The Prison Ministry of the Diocese of Honolulu is mandated to call the Diocesan Community to an increased awareness and understanding of its responsibility to minister to prisoners as it is expressed in Scripture and the Church’s teaching and Tradition; Provide practical leadership in the Diocesan Community’s effort to respond to the needs of prisoners, released prisoners, their families and victims of crime.
    • Services offered: Family, Spiritual Services
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