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22 Tried and Tested Methods of Finding Jobs for Felons in Hialeah in 2023

By Last update December 26, 2022
Hialeah city arch before the bird statue was added

If you are living in the sunny state of Florida and are in the market for jobs for felons in Hialeah, Florida, then this is the article for you. Everyone here at Relaunch Pad knows what you are going through as a justice involved person. We are here to help with some good information and tips about getting a job, and specifically about some opportunities in Hialeah.

Jobs that hire felons in Hialeah

Hialeah city arch and flamingo

Hialeah is a major city within the greater Miami and the South Florida metropolitan area. It is the state’s sixth-largest city, has over 200,000 residents, and is the densest city in the US that does not have a skyscraper. The Hialeah Park Race Track is known as The Grand Dame, was opened in 1925, and it still attracts millions of tourists a year. Hialeah Park is also an Audubon Bird Sanctuary because of its large population of pink flamingos.

Hialeah is one of Dade County’s largest employers. Big industries in the Hialeah area include retail, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and hospitality. As part of the Miami metro area, there are many jobs that hire felons in Hialeah. To zero in on the best jobs for you, use our great search tool that will let you filter by location, title, and more.

Top companies that hire felons in Hialeah

When starting out as a freshly justice involved person, it is tempting to try to jump right back into your career where you left off. Unfortunately, this is not usually successful. You are much better off setting your sights on entry-level positions. Those positions are much more likely to give former felons a chance.

A great way to locate a job quickly is to look at temp agency and employment agency jobs for felons in Hialeah. Agencies always have jobs available, they are knowledgeable about the area’s businesses, and locating jobs for people in your situation.

The main portion of this article will give you some information about companies that hire felons in Hialeah. The companies below have a significant number of employees and some good quality open positions (entry-level and otherwise). You can click on a company name to jump directly to their section, or just keep reading down to see them all. 




Ingram Micro






Pollo Tropical

It may have been a while since you updated your resume, assuming you have one. If you are needing some help with making a resume for people with a record, then check out our website. We have a great resource for creating a resume, as well as lots of other great information on finding a job.


Telemundo is a Spanish-language television network owned by NBCUniversal/Comcast. It provides content nationally, with programming syndicated worldwide to over 100 countries in more than 35 languages. Telemundo Digital Media, distributes original content across digital venues through the Telemundo and Universo websites. This is an especially good place to for Spanish-speaking folks.

Some promising jobs for former felons:

  • Sales
  • Stylist
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Warehouse
  • Maintenance


If you like rum, then you may want to check out Bacardi Limited. It is one of the biggest family-owned spirits companies in the world and sells a portfolio of over 200 brands and labels. It was founded in Cuba in 1862 and has been family-owned for seven generations. Bacardi Limited employs over 8,000 people in 170 countries.

Some good opportunities to look for:

  • Supply Chain
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Warehouse
  • Maintenance
  • Associate Analyst


For the fish lovers out there, take a look at Mowi (formerly Marine Harvest and Pan Fish). It is a seafood company that operates around the world. Their primary business is fish farming and has a 25 to 30% share of the global salmon and trout market. Mowi also has a unit that prepares and distributes a range of seafood products.

Some solid jobs for former felons:

  • Maintenance Technician
  • Inventory Associate
  • Shipping
  • Receiving Clerk
  • Customer Service Representative

Ingram Micro

For something in the electronics and technology area, Ingram Micro is a good place to look at. It is a distributor of information technology and computer products along with tech services and support. They are based in California, but offer a lot of good jobs in the Hialeah and Miami area.

Great jobs for former felons:

  • Sales Support Specialist
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Account Payable Clerk
  • Warehouse


Caterpillar Inc. is the world’s largest construction-equipment manufacturer. They were founded in 1925 and Caterpillar machinery and company-branded products are recognizable by their trademark “Caterpillar Yellow” livery and the “CAT” logo. The company also licenses and markets a line of clothing and workwear boots, as well as a “Cat phone” brand of toughened mobile phones.

Promising jobs for former felons:

  • Equipment Field Technician
  • Warehouse Order Picker
  • Customer Experience Clerk
  • Part Counter Sales
  • Forklift Operator 


Ryder System, Inc., (Ryder) is a transportation and logistics company known for its fleet of commercial rental trucks. They also offer full-service leasing, rental and maintenance, used vehicle sales, transportation management, professional drivers, e-commerce fulfillment, and last-mile delivery services. Ryder is headquartered in Miami and has a lot of good entry level positions.

Some great opportunities, for former felons:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Driver
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Material Handler


If you are looking for something in the consumer appliances industry, then check out Electrolux AB. They are a Swedish home appliance manufacturer that is ranked as the world’s second-largest appliance maker, after Whirlpool. They sell mostly major appliances and vacuum cleaners for home use under a variety of brand names (including its own).

Promising jobs for former felons:

  • Order Desk Analyst
  • Warehouse
  • Sales Associate
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Logistics


If you are interested in construction products, then Mapei S.P.A. would be a unique place to work. They are an Italian company that was founded in 1937 and manufactures chemical products for the building industry. They specialize in adhesives (ADESILEX brand name) for floors and other surfaces (Linoleum, ceramics, stone materials, carpets, PVC and wood).

Some good job opportunities for former felons:

  • Mechanic
  • Material Handler
  • Packaging
  • Building Maintenance
  • Quality Assurance

Sedano’s Supermarkets

Sedano’s is a supermarket with a number of locations in the Hialeah and Miami areas. They have a lot of entry level type positions that would be good for justice involved candidates. Sedano’s specializes in Hispanic foods and also sells beer and wine. They have online shopping with groceries delivered straight to the customer or picked up at a local store.

Promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Cart Pickup
  • Produce Clerk
  • Frozen Food/Dairy Stock Clerk

Pollo Tropical

For something in the quick service food industry, look at Pollo Tropical (Spanish for “Tropical Chicken”). They are a South Florida-based chain and franchise that specializes in Latin-Caribbean inspired cuisine and are known for marinated and grilled chicken and various sides including black beans and rice and corn casserole. They have a number of locations in the area.

Promising jobs for former felons:

  • Team Member
  • Assistant Manager
  • Cook
  • Food Truck Ops
  • Cashier

Trucking jobs for felons in Hialeah

Driving a truck can be an exciting and challenging job. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then you should check out the truck driving industry. The trucking industry has a very good reputation for giving justice involved folks a second chance.

Below are a few companies to check out for trucking jobs for felons in Hialeah:

  • Pro Transport Miami 
  • Andoba Trucking Inc.
  • Allied Trucking of Florida
  • Miami Dispatch & Carrier Services
  • High Quality Trucking Inc.

Warehouse jobs for felons in Hialeah

Working in a warehouse can be a tough job, but if you are up for some physical labor, then you should look at warehouse jobs for felons in Hialeah. Every big company has a warehouse, and there are many stand-alone warehouse companies too. Warehouses are always looking for good, dependable workers.

Here are some of the top businesses to consider:

  • Palletized CoWarehouse – Fulfillment Center
  • A&B Distribution Center
  • Suddath Global Logistics of Miami
  • Crane Worldwide Logistics
  • American Consolidation Logistics

Temp agency jobs for felons in Hialeah

Finding a job is a challenge, but finding one when you are in a hurry is even more difficult. If you need to get a job fast, then temp agency jobs may be a good option for you. Employment and temp agencies are a good way to cut down on your job search time. They always have a lot of job openings and have experience helping justice involved people find a job.

Here are some good agencies in the area:

  • Westaff
  • Active Staffing Services
  • Culmin Staffing Group, Inc.
  • GL Staffing Services, Inc.
  • PeopleReady

Second chance and job training programs for felons in Hialeah

Some Florida cities have Ban the Box policies, but there are currently no statewide regulations. Clearwater, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade County, Orlando, Pompano Beach, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Tallahassee have Ban the Box policies for public sector jobs, but no jurisdictions have them for private employers.

Life as a justice involved person can be hard. If you need some help, then you should contact one or more of the second chance and job training programs for felons in Hialeah and around Florida.

Resources for former felons in Hialeah:

  • Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation
    • Mission: Delivering excellent public services that address our community’s needs and enhance our quality of life, now and in the future.
    • Services offered: Medical, Mental Health
  • Transition
    • Mission: To lift individuals out of the cycle of crime and poverty.
    • Services offered: Addiction and Recovery, Employment, Housing
  • PERC — People Empowering and Restoring Communities
    • Mission: The mission of the Pinellas Ex-offender Re-entry Coalition of People Empowering and Restoring Communities (PERC) is to help the offender become and remain an ex-offender, reunited with family through advocacy, education, programming, and comprehensive service delivery and referral.
    • Services offered: Education, Food, Housing
  • His Healing Hand Ministries
    • Mission: His Healing Hand Ministries is a purpose driven ministry working with those behind bars, those returning from a time away, those on probation or parole, or those who have a criminal past. The ministry is-non denominational and is located in the Orlando/Sanford Metro area of Central Florida providing reentry, renewal and recovery help for those in our community. We teach those preparing for reentry in State of Florida prisons, Federal Correctional Facilities and select County Jails. The ministry provides these resources to enable a person to have a better transition back in our communities.
    • Services offered: Addiction and Recovery, Education, Employment
  • Operation New Hope
    • Mission: Operation New Hope provides support, life and job skills training for people with a history of involvement with the criminal justice system, and places them in employment that offers a sustainable quality of life.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Housing, Legal, Mental Health, Transportation
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