Greyston Bakery Hiring Overview For 2023

Founded 1982

Type Private

Headquarters Yonkers, NY

Size Large Corporation

Industry Food

Sometimes you just need a second chance to get back on your feet after a conviction, and that chance can come from anywhere. You may already be thinking of applying here, but want to make sure if Greyston Bakery hires felons or not.

Greyston Bakery is in the food industry and best known for their brownies (they’re the ones in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!) and hiring anyone willing to work. If you’re ready to put in the extra effort, this article will help you get a job at Greyston Bakery with a felony. We are going to take a look at the following questions, and more:

  • Does Greyston Bakery hire people with misdemeanors?
  • How do I apply?
  • Does Greyston Bakery do background checks?
  • Do they drug test?

It’s hard for former felons to find work. We know because we’ve been there. Like Greyston Bakery, our team at Relaunch Pad is mostly comprised of ex-offenders or those who’ve worked closely with them as they rebuild their lives. That’s why we directly contact companies like Greyston to ask them about their hiring policies for former felons. We also have dedicated our time to doing tons of background research to bring you tips for your application and interview.

And we’ve done this over 1,000 times in the US! You can trust our insights.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at how to get hired at Greyston Bakery with a felony record.

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Does Greyston Bakery hire felons?

Confirmed felon employer

Programs for hiring felons

Fair Chance Business Pledge signatory

front of the Greyston Bakery building

Official company policy for hiring felons

We’ve been unable to reach Greyston Bakery to ask if they hire former felons. However, this is what it says on their website about the company’s open hiring policy:

“Open Hiring fills jobs without judging applicants or asking any questions. It creates opportunities for those who have been kept out of the workforce. That includes women, men, people of color, people of all faiths and sexual orientations, immigrants and refugees, those living in poverty or who have spent time in prison, and anyone else who has faced barriers to employment.”

Has Greyston Bakery hired felons in the past?

Yes, they have hired felons in the past. In fact, this New York Times article states that Greyston Bakery won’t do a background check, drug test, or even interview anyone. If you want the job, it’s yours.

Does Greyston Bakery hire people with misdemeanors?

Based on their company policy, yes, they’ll hire people with misdemeanors.

Will Greyston Bakery hire you with pending charges?

Yep, very likely, since they’re a walk-in employment space.


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What are the chances of Greyston Bakery hiring a felon?

Is Greyston Bakery on the Ban the Box list?

Never heard of the Ban the Box list? That’s okay. It’s an initiative to rid applications of the checkbox asking if you’ve been convicted of a crime.

The Fair Chance Business Pledge is a pledge made by companies to look at your qualities, skills and talents instead of your past.

Greyston Bakery isn’t on the Ban the Box list, but they have signed the Pledge. They don’t even have applications, so no need to worry about the conviction question!

Does Greyston Bakery have special programs for hiring felons?

Yes, they do! This is what they say about their workforce development program online:

“Our expert-led programs prepare individuals for entry-level employment at no cost. Training takes place in small groups and focuses on job and life skills. We design courses in consultation with industry leaders to ensure our learners will be in the best position for employment. Graduates will have nationally-recognized training credentials. We offer job placement and support after graduation.”

They also say this about their open hiring policy:

“The Center for Open Hiring at Greyston is a collaborative learning space (physical and virtual) that evaluates, improves, and defines Open Hiring™ best practices. The Center facilitates the adoption of Open Hiring and supports innovation in the delivery of community programs for employees and neighbors.”

This means they will hire anyone regardless of their background or experience, giving people an opportunity for a fresh start.

Greyston Bakery also encourages participation with their community garden and they have the Issan House for people with chronic and life-threatening conditions such as HIV/AIDS.

What are the odds that someone with a felony will get hired?

High likelihood of hiring felons

It’s not often we say some place is a shoe-in, but this might be the one. Since Greyston Bakery doesn’t do interviews, background checks, drug tests, or anything else, and you’re guaranteed to be hired on the spot, you have a high chance of being hired here.

What are some entry-level jobs?

At Greyston Bakery, the main entry-level jobs are mixing batter and baking the brownies. Starting off at an entry-level position gives you a chance to learn your way around the company and to take advantage of their workforce development classes.

How to get hired at Greyston Bakery with a felony

What are some entry-level jobs?

At Greyston Bakery, the main entry-level jobs are mixing batter and baking the brownies. Starting off at an entry-level position gives you a chance to learn your way around the company and to take advantage of their workforce development classes.

Tips to get hired here with a felony

While it’s true Greyston Bakery will hire anyone that wants a job, that doesn’t mean they have a position for everyone that comes in. Plus it’s good practice to make sure you’re the most prepared you can be! Let’s take a look at how to stand out from the crowd and land that job.

When you arrive to Greyston Bakery to see if they have any openings, wear something business casual. Khakis and a nice shirt for men and a nice dress or skirt with a blouse for women. You’re trying to set yourself apart from other prospective employees so avoid jeans and t-shirts. If you don’t have anything to wear, check out your local clothing pantry for more options.

Start by telling Greyston Bakery about your experience in the food industry. Have you baked before? Have you worked in a factory or warehouse where food is made or packaged? Do you have culinary skills? Where did you learn these skills? Make sure to let them know if these skills were obtained in school, a previous job, in prison, or self-taught.

Be honest about your past. Greyston Bakery is all about giving people chances, so there’s no need to hide or lie about it. They also offer programs to help you get back on your feet. Working here will give you a great opportunity to take advantage of these programs.

Take a resume with you. Be sure to include your work history with previous employers and your skills and talents. If you’d like some extra help, Relaunch Pad has a resume guide to help former felons stand out from the rest.

Does Greyston Bakery do background checks?

As we’ve learned, Greyston Bakery doesn’t perform background checks on anyone looking to work for their company. However, this isn’t the case for most companies and background checks vary depending on where you live.

Here’s what you need to know about background checks:

The states on this list don’t look at anything from seven years ago or more:

  • California
  • Colorado*
  • Kansas*
  • Maryland*
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire*
  • New York*
  • Texas*
  • Washington*

(* sometimes certain pay or salary bracket positions require one.)

And these states don’t consider anything where you were found not guilty:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana (limited check)
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York

However, there are states that will still look at your entire record. Be aware if you live in these states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • DC
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana (extensive check)
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Company ratings

We did a bit of extra research to find out Greyston Bakery’s ratings. On, they have 3.4 stars out of 5. Since there are only two reviews, there’s not a lot to go on, but both of those reviews say there is room to advance within the company and that they love Greyston Bakery, but that management can be a bit disorganized at times.

What felonies Greyston Bakery will not hire

We have no idea if there are any felonies they straight-up will not hire! They didn’t say, and we couldn’t find anything online.

What felony convictions might have a hard time getting hired here?

Does Greyston Bakery hire felons? Yes, they do. They will hire anyone willing to work and no convictions will stop you from being hired!

Does Greyston Bakery hire sex offenders?

While we don’t have proof of this, we suspect they will because of their incredibly open hiring policy.

Does Greyston Bakery drug test?

According to their company policy, Greyston Bakery will not drug test.

Have you applied for a job or worked here? Share your experiences!

Did you get a job at Greyston Bakery with a felony using this article? We’d love to hear about it. This is your chance to help out someone who is in your shoes. Let’s help out our community.

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