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17 Surefire Ways to Find Jobs for Felons in Jersey City in 2023

By Last update October 23, 2023
Jersey City harbor and downtown core

Finding a job as a former felon is never easy. If you’re in this situation, then this is the article for you because we’re going to help you find jobs for felons in Jersey City. We’ll give you some valuable information about the town and how to find a job here with a criminal record. We’ve even compiled a list of the top businesses in town that will offer you the best opportunities!

Jersey City is a diverse and historic city with a population of around 1.5 million people and nearly 45,000 businesses in the area. It is the second most populated town in New Jersey and, even though New York technically has jurisdiction over her, the Statue of Liberty actually resides in Jersey City.

When you’re looking for a job with a record in tow, you don’t want to waste your time applying to a lot of places that won’t even consider hiring you. That’s where the Relaunch Pad comes in. We’ve contacted over 1,000 companies in the US directly and asked them about their hiring practices for former felons. We asked them a lot of questions like what charges would affect their decision, what kind of checks (background and drug) they perform, and do they have any special programs for former felons. Our analysis also includes reading online reviews from people who actually applied to or work for the companies, and we even give an overall assessment of the likelihood of the company hiring a felon.

The team at Relaunch Pad takes the time to do this work and cares about it because we have many people on our team who have been and still are involved with the justice system. We know what you’re going through and are excited to provide our insights on everything from finding a job to interviewing and getting hired.

Jobs that hire felons in Jersey City

Jersey City cityscape from the water

This article provides a good list of jobs that hire felons in Jersey City, but if you want to expand your search and see more companies, then take a look at our great search tool. It will let you customize your search by type, industry, and more to narrow down your list.

Top companies that hire felons in Jersey City

Jersey City has a big economy with many jobs in areas like retail, tourism, and telecommunications. But how do you know which are the best to search for if you have a felony on your record? Employment agencies are great places to find a job and maximize your job search options. Another good strategy is to set your sights on entry-level jobs. They often require little to no education or experience, and are the easiest way for a former felon to get hired.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you by putting together a list of some of the top companies that hire felons in Jersey City. You can click on the company name to jump right to its section, or continue reading to see all of them. 

Goya Foods 

Evergreen Line

Alaris Health

City of Jersey City

Imperial Dade


Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Choc O Pain


Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark

When starting a new job search, the first thing you need to have in order is your resume. It must be up-to-date and well-written. If you need assistance with that, then we can help. Take a look at our complete guide to making a resume with a record.

Now, let’s get into the places to look at for the best chance of landing a job in the Jersey City area.

Goya Foods

Goya Foods, Inc. is a food producer that distributes products within the US and many Spanish-speaking countries with facilities in the US, the Dominican Republic, and Spain. It is headquartered in Jersey City, and they have a lot of job openings for entry-level and above jobs.

Some good opportunity areas to look for:

  • Logistics
  • Merchandising
  • Packaging
  • Purchasing
  • Research Specialist

Evergreen Line

Evergreen Line (aka Marine Corporation) is a transportation and shipping company with over 150 container ships. It is part of the Evergreen Group conglomerate. They have over 10,000 employees worldwide and their local headquarters are in Jersey City. If you’re looking for something in shipping or logistics, they’re a good place to check.

Here are a few jobs to consider:

  • Customer Service
  • Maintenance
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Shipping Logistics

Alaris Health

If you want a job caring for people, then Alaris is a good place to consider. They are a large health care company with over 3,000 employees and are headquartered in Jersey City. Alaris offers a wide variety of roles at all levels supporting their facilities.

Some good opportunities for former felons:

  • Admissions Coordinator
  • Recreation Aide
  • Hospitality Aide
  • Recreation Therapist

City of Jersey City

Local governments often have lots of entry-level jobs in maintenance, landscaping, and custodial, to name a few. Jersey City is the second-largest city in New Jersey, so they will have a lot of open positions for you to look at.

Here are some entry-level type jobs to look for:

  • Maintenance
  • Custodial
  • Landscaping
  • Customer service
  • Administrative

Imperial Dade

Imperial Dade is a large distributor of food service packaging and facilities maintenance supplies and equipment supplying businesses like supermarkets, health care facilities, universities, and restaurants. They have over 125 branches and many different jobs from warehouse workers to customer support to office administration.

Some good opportunities for entry-level and above positions:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Rebates Specialist
  • Sales Development Specialist
  • Warehouse Receiver
  • Pricing Execution Specialist


Sysco is a major supplier of food products to restaurants, health care, schools, hotels, and other customers who prepare meals away from home. They also provide equipment and supplies for the food service and hospitality industries. With over 71,000 employees and over 300 distribution facilities, they have a huge variety of jobs that are suitable for the justice-involved jobseeker.

Here is a sampling of some of the positions to look for:

  • Warehouse Order Selector
  • Local Delivery Driver
  • Material Handling
  • Equipment Technician 
  • Forklift Operator

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey supports one of the most important transportation infrastructures in the country. They operate aviation, ground, rail, and seaport facilities, and are one of the busiest in the country. With over 550,000 regional employees, they have a lot of jobs available. Plus, they offer special incentives to veterans.

Some good jobs for former felons:

  • Stockkeeper
  • Administrator
  • Stationary / Watch Engineer
  • Tunnel and Bridge Agent
  • Sanitation Group

Choc O Pain

If you’re into French pastries or just good food in general, then this may be a great place for you to work. Choc O Pain is a French bakery that offers high-quality traditional French delicacies in an old-fashioned setting.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Driver
  • Cashier
  • Team member


Retail jobs are a good bet for the justice-involved because they are always looking for good workers. Macy’s is a large department store chain, they’re very popular in the New York and New Jersey area, and they have a good attitude about hiring people with records.

Here are some good entry-level type positions:

  • Warehouse Associate
  • Selling & Support
  • Retail Sales Associate
  • Retail Fulfillment Associate
  • Receiving Support Associate

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark

If you’re looking for a job where you can give back to the community, then this may be the place for you. The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark has a number of locations and various jobs available.

Some jobs that would be good for former felons:

  • Custodian
  • Maintenance
  • Cook
  • Residential Assistant
  • Support Worker

Trucking jobs for felons in Jersey City

Driving trucks and working for the businesses that run the trucks is a huge industry. They provide tons of jobs, they’re always hiring, and they have a great history of providing second chances for former felons. 

Here are some places to go if you’re looking for trucking jobs for felons in Jersey City:

  • Izzi Trucking & Rigging Inc.
  • Jay Dee Trucking
  • Langer Transport Corporation
  • Mecca & Son Trucking Company Inc.
  • Rapid Transfer

Warehouse jobs for felons in Jersey City

Every major business needs a warehouse to store their stuff in. This means that just about every big company will have warehouse-related employees. Warehouses have a number of positions from lift operators to loaders to administrative that are entry level and good candidates for former felons. 

Here are some of the top warehouse jobs for felons in Jersey City:

  • Easy Warehousing
  • National Retail Systems – Distribution Warehouse
  • East Coast Warehouse
  • De Well Container Shipping
  • Lineage Logistics

Temp agency jobs for felons in Jersey City

Need to find a job fast? Or do you need a second job to get you through until you find a good, long-term job? If any of these apply to you, then staffing agencies are an extremely useful tool for all walks of employment seekers. They are also good at helping people with resume gaps. 

There are a good deal of employment agency jobs for felons in Jersey City, check out some of the agencies below:

  • New Wave People, Inc.
  • Active Staffing Services
  • Staff Management Group
  • Sfe Group, Inc.
  • Job Connection Services

Second chance and job training programs for felons in Jersey City

Some good news for the justice-involved is that New Jersey has a “Ban the Box” law. It was enacted in 2015 and prohibits employers with 15 or more employees from asking applicants anything about their criminal record during the initial application process, which includes a first interview.

If you’re in need of some help above and beyond just finding a job, then there are second chance and job training programs for felons in Jersey City that provide assistance to former felons. These programs provide things like help with housing, substance abuse, financial aid, education, and more. Below is a list of a few places that you can check out.

Resources for former felons in Jersey City:

  • The New Jersey Reentry Corporation
    • Mission: Putting Our Community Back to Work. The NJRC works with returning citizens, employers, and community partners to remove barriers to employment so that everyone in our community can be safer, healthier, and better employed.
    • Services offered: Employment, Housing, Medical, Mental Health
  • Transition Professionals
    • Mission: Transition Professionals is committed to reducing recidivism by empowering individuals to successfully transition from incarceration to communities.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Medical, Mental Health
  • La Casa de Don Pedro
    • Mission: La Casa’s values are driven by our mission to foster self-sufficiency, empowerment, and neighborhood revitalization, and our deep-rooted history of shared experiences with our community. Recognizing the community’s adversity, we emphasize, celebrate, and nurture core values of advocacy, responsibility (civic, personal, fiscal), education, home, diversity, and creativity in a culturally sensitive and caring environment.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Family, Housing
  • New Jersey Reentry Program
    • Mission: The New Jersey Reentry Program operates under the rubric of the First Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth, New Jersey. While our primary targets are NJ STEP students who are transitioning either to Rutgers University or community college, we also reach out to students who prefer to enter the workforce before continuing their college education.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Housing
  • Communities In Cooperation, Inc. (CIC)
    • Mission: At CIC, we Build and Strengthen Communities. Family & Individual Assistance Programs: Job Readiness & Employment; Utility Assistance: Reentry Services: Workshops, Classes, & Webinars: Youth Mentoring and Development Session, Life Skills; Court Ordered Anger Management Sessions plus more!
    • Services offered: Education, Family
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After a successful 25-year career in the IT industry, Garland is now a Reentry Educator with The Relaunchpad. He has significant experience writing documents (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc.) and advising job seekers. Garland shares his experience overcoming legal challenges to help others in similar circumstances move forward and find happiness and prosperity.