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Does World Wide Technology Hire Felons in 2021?

By Last update April 29, 2019
jobs for felons, company profile, World Wide Technology, Technology Solutions

Former felons trying to find good jobs face an uphill battle because you never know how your record affects your chances. Job seekers interested in the technology solutions industry will want to know: Does World Wide Technology hire felons?

World Wide Technology has annual revenues of $10.4 billion and employs more than 5,000 workers at its main campus and other facilities around the world. People who want to work for one of the largest private companies in the country can find out how to get a job at World Wide Technology with a felony in this article. You’ll discover answers to the following questions:

  •      Will my felony disqualify me?
  •      Does World Wide Technology hire people with misdemeanors?
  •      How do I apply?
  •      Does World Wide Technology do background checks?

Relaunch Pade believes everyone deserves a chance after incarceration. This is why we contact companies directly to ask them about their hiring policies for for former felons. Our team is made up of people who are former felons or have worked closely with former felons. We have personal experience with the challenges former felons face when seeking employment and want to help you move forward!

Let’s see how you can get hired at World Wide Technology with a felony record.

Does World Wide Technology hire felons?

jobs for felons, company profile, World Wide Technology, Technology Solutions

Official company policy for hiring felons

We contacted World Wide Technology to ask if they hire former felons, but they did not respond. We looked into the company to figure out if they have a policy, though. What we found was that the company really believes in its social mission (read more here). However, their equal opportunity employer statement doesn’t mention anything about criminal history, convictions or records.

Has World Wide Technology hired felons in the past?

The company didn’t tell us whether or not they have hired felons in the past. Unfortunately, none of our research revealed anything to indicate that they have hired or would hire former felons.

Does World Wide Technology hire people with misdemeanors?

We couldn’t find anything in our research to indicate how having a misdemeanor on your record might affect your chances at getting a job with WWT.

Is World Wide Technology on the Ban the Box list?

The Ban the Box movement is an important step towards giving people a fair chance at getting a job, regardless of their background or record. Employers who agree to “ban the box” do not make candidates answer questions about whether or not they have been convicted of a crime on job applications.

Another initiative is the Fair Chance Business Pledge. In addition to banning the box, companies taking this pledge “are committed to providing individuals with criminal records, including formerly incarcerated individuals, a fair chance to participate in the American economy.”

World Wide Technology has not officially joined these efforts. However, their online application process requires creating an account in their system, and it doesn’t mention anything about criminal history or records. That’s usually a good sign — but in this case, with no other evidence in their favor, it’s not clear whether or not they would consider hiring anyone with a record.

Does World Wide Technology have special programs for hiring felons?

World Wide Technology does not appear to have any specific programs focused on hiring former felons, or helping them in other ways.

What are the odds someone with a felony will get hired?

Low likelihood of being hired with a felony

Since World Wide Technology didn’t respond to our request for information and we found nothing in our research to indicate they hire former felons, Relaunch Pad ranks your odds of getting hired at World Wide Technology with a felony record as low.

What are some entry-level jobs?

The World Wide Technology careers page lists all positions available at each location, which includes a huge range of tech-related positions. None of them appear to be entry-level jobs, however. Most of their positions require years of experience in software development and engineering or very specific technology niches.

If you have previous experience working within a supply chain system, you might qualify for some of those positions.

How to get hired at World Wide Technology with a felony

World Wide Technology doesn’t say if they’re open to hiring former felons, so how can you get a job at World Wide Technology? Start by shaping up your resume to match what they’re looking for.

Revise your resume to work in your favor. See our Complete Guide to Making an Incredible Resume (for Former Felons). If you have technology expertise, be sure to highlight specific tech skills on your resume.

Getting hired at World Wide Technology is all about whether or not you have the tech skills they’re looking for. Carefully read job descriptions before applying and match your skills to their needs!

If you get invited to an interview, you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Here are some interview tips for World Wide Technology:

  • The Basics: If you’ve got killer tech skills, WWT will be interested in hearing about those. Be prepared to discuss details about your specific skills and experience.
  • Appearance: WWT is a professional company, so you want to be clean-cut and well-dressed. If you lack these clothes, a career center can help you out!
  • Mannerisms: You always want to appear confident in a job interview, without coming off as cocky. So maintain good eye contact and keep your answers short and relevant. Takea a breath before you speak so you seem calm, cool and collected.
  • Job History: Incarceration often means you have one or more significant gaps in your employment history. Be prepared to answer questions about this. It’s fine to say something like you went through some tough personal times, but are now moving forward in positive ways. There is no need to mention incarceration or give any details about your record. Stay focused on where you are now and where you’re heading.

Does World Wide Technology do background checks?

Nothing on the WWT website or careers page indicates whether or not they do background checks, but a story back in 2013 indicates they started doing background checks in 2011 on new employees who oversee buying and selling equipment. It also said they were considering background checks for all new hires. Therefore, expect a background check when you apply.

Here is some important information you should know about background checks:

There are specific states that only look at information less than seven years old. These states are:

  •     California
  •     Colorado*
  •     Kansas*
  •     Maryland*
  •     Massachusetts
  •     Montana
  •     Nevada
  •     New Hampshire*
  •     New York*
  •     Texas*
  •     Washington*

* sometimes certain pay or salary bracket positions require one.

In other states, only cases where you were found guilty are allowed to show up on a background check. Check them out here:

  •     Alaska
  •     California
  •     Hawaii
  •     Indiana
  •     Kentucky
  •     Massachusetts
  •     Michigan
  •     New York

However, a lot of states still want to see your full record. If you live in one of these states, your entire record is on display:

  •     Alabama
  •     Arizona
  •     Arkansas
  •     Connecticut
  •     DC
  •     Delaware
  •     Florida
  •     Idaho
  •     Indiana
  •     Iowa
  •     Louisiana
  •     Maine
  •     Mississippi
  •     Missouri
  •     Nebraska
  •     New Jersey
  •     North Carolina
  •     North Dakota
  •     Ohio
  •     Oregon
  •     Rhode Island
  •     South Carolina
  •     Tennessee
  •     Utah
  •     Vermont
  •     Virginia
  •     West Virginia
  •     Wisconsin
  •     Wyoming

Company ratings

What do people think of World Wide Technology as a place to work? rates them at a high 4.1 out of 5 stars based on nearly 800 reviews. Of those, 79% would recommend working for World Wide Technology to a friend. In fact, WWT ranked #8 on the Glassdoor list of Best Places to Work in 2018.

People who work at World Wide Technology rank every aspect of employment there very high, including 4.2 out of 5 stars for compensation and benefits. The worst anyone had to say was that the company is experiencing growing pains as it expands.

What felony convictions might have a hard time getting hired here?

Does World Wide Technology hire felons? Nothing we saw indicates whether or not they’re open to hiring former felons, but if they are, these felonies may give you the hardest time:

  • Fraud and breach of trust. Considering the type of work they’re involved in, these types of charges and others related to data security will be red flags for WWT.
  • Theft or embezzlement. You’ll have access to information and products that are worth money to WWT. They’ll want to make sure this is protected, as will their insurer and clients.
  • Misuse of technology. If you have charges involving the (mis)use of technology, you might be deemed a risk to WWT.

Does World Wide Technology drug test?

Nothing in our research revealed whether or not WWT conducts drug tests. It’s always best to be prepared, though!

Have you applied for a job or worked here? Share your experiences!

Are you willing to help Relaunch Pad help others who are facing the same challenges you have faced? Let us know if the information in this article helped you get a job at World Wide Technology with a felony.

Please share any and all details so we can help others in the community!

Sherman is a Reentry Educator based in New Hampshire. He was convicted of several white-collar felonies and sentenced to two back-to-back years of incarceration at the local county jail, narrowly avoiding state prison. He qualified for an early release home-confinement with electronic monitoring program for his second year and made it through all those difficult days thanks to a very supportive family and church community. Because Sherman understands that not everyone who goes through the criminal justice system has those kinds of support networks in place, he does what he can to support people transitioning back into their community post-incarceration. Writing for Successful Release is just one way Sherman tries to “pay it forward” and help others get back on their feet after incarceration.