Winona County Re-Entry Assistance Program (WRAP)

Services offered: Financial Legal Referrals

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council Winona County

Address 171 West 3rd St., Winona, MN 55987

Community area Served Winona, Minnesota

Phone Number (507) 453-3646

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WRAP mission – To provide financial assistance and case management to individuals involved with the criminal justice system to help them successfully return to the community and avoid future stays in jail.

Program Goals:

    1. To decrease the recidivism rate of offenders through comprehensive evidence-based case management and the coordinated delivery of services.
    2. To increase the number of jail inmates who are screened for mental illness and risk of re-offense; and
    3. To increase service referrals provided to jail inmates through an interview, screening and needs assessment upon initial incarceration, even if the candidate does not require extensive reentry planning.

More information on services provided:

  • Financial assistance
    • WRAP can provide financial and other assistance for medical treatment, medications, housing, transportation, education and other similar needs. The benefits you receive will depend upon your identified needs as determined by your case manager.
  • Legal
    • Case management

Who they help – The target population for the WRAP program includes individuals who are:

  • Adults (18 years or older) AND
  • Who have been booked into the Winona County Jail during the past year or are at risk of being incarcerated (which may include a pending criminal charges, probation violation, warrant etc.) AND
  • Whose incarceration or risk of incarceration is NOT due to a charge or conviction for a violent offense AND
  • Who are at medium to high risk of recidivism by scoring a  3 (male) or 4 (female) on an ORAS AND
  • Who have demonstrated some mental health issues (including a mental health diagnosis or scoring a 3 on the CMHS) AND
  • Are willing to participate in the program voluntarily via a properly completed and signed release of information AND
  • Have identifiable criminogenic needs (as indicated on the application form) OR
  • Are a participant in the Treatment Court of Winona County or Veteran’s Treatment Court and are willing to participate in the program voluntarily.