U-Belong Inc.

Services offered: Education Employment Family Financial Mental Health

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Community area Served Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone Number (267) 844-6263

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U-Belong Inc. mission To provide participants with the skills and resources necessary to prevent them from reverting back to the same negative, and self-destructive behavior that led to their adjudicated status. To guarantee that upon exiting the program each participant has a fair and realistic opportunity for caring for themselves as well as their families. The mission is to not just make them productive members of society but successful individuals positively impacting our community.

More information on services provided:

  • Employment
    • Workforce development workshops.
  • Family
    • Family first workshop addresses the importance and strength of family support and how it can be a significant component to a successful return.
  • Financial
    • Economic awareness and financial literacy workshops.
  • Mental health and wellness
    • Peer mediation and conflict resolution workshops.