Project 180

Services offered: Education Employment Housing Reentry

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Address PO Box 25684, Sarasota, FL 34277-2684

Community area Served Florida

Phone Number (941) 677-2281

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Project 180 mission Project 180 seeks to reintegrate formerly incarcerated citizens into community life.

More information on services provided:

  • Education
    • Financial Literacy Course for incarcerated citizens
    • An educational three-part lecture series called “Strong Voices/Strong Subjects” on reentry topics for the general public. Currently in its seventh season.
  • Employment
    • CEO Workforce Education class for incarcerated citizens
  • Housing
    • Residential Program for men
  • Information & Referral (I & R) service in which we send lists of Florida resources by county to incarcerated or formerly incarcerated citizens.
  • Pilot program called “First Week Out” to assist re-entrants returning to Sarasota County in which we offer assistance to individuals who are coming home.