Old Pueblo Community Services (OPCS)

Address 4501 E. 5th Street, Tucson, AZ 85711

Community area served Tucson, Arizona

Phone number (520) 546-0122

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Old Pueblo Community Services (OPCS) mission When people face homelessness, Old Pueblo Community Services offers housing, counseling and support services to help them transform their lives.

More information on services provided:

  • Addiction and substance abuse counseling
    • Recovery support
  • Employment
    • Skills training
    • Placement
  • Family
    • Reunification
    • Assistance with obtaining public benefits
  • Housing
    • Well-furnished, shared units
    • Near city bus lines
    • 24-hour support staff
  • Legal
    • Case management
  • Mental health and wellness
    • Trauma therapy
    • Life skills groups

Who they help – OPCS is currently only accepting applications from ASPC Tucson and ASPC Perryville.