Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC)

Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Education Employment Legal Mental Health

Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC) logo

Address 564 6th St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Community area Served San Francisco, California

Phone Number (415) 489-7300

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Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC) mission – The Community Assessment and Services Center (CASC), is a one-stop, multi-service reentry center which specializes in working with justice involved people ages 18 and older. Led by SFAPD and UCSF/Citywide, and in partnership with public safety partners, the Department of Public Health, Human Services Agency, Office of Economic and Workforce Development, an array of talented community based providers, the CASC provides support for justice involved adults in San Francisco. The CASC embraces a client-centered, strength-based approach, empowers personal responsibility and streamlines access to evidence based services which include clinical and reentry case management, medication management and distribution, peer coaching, cognitive behavioral interventions, substance dependency and recovery services, education and employment services, barrier removal and benefits enrollment assistance.