Filtered listings of jobs for felons

Finding jobs for felons can be a challenge regardless of where you live but is crucial to success. You want to spend as much time as you can applying to the jobs that are most open to people in your position. Below, you can search our database of current jobs from companies that we know are open to hiring individuals with criminal records.

Many of these are felon friendly jobs in your area and are worth looking into.

While there may be many jobs around the country, a good percentage of them are low paying ones. This makes it difficult for felons to earn enough money to make ends meet. Felons who have a low income may find it challenging to pay for such things as housing and healthcare. The good news is that there are low income financial assistance programs for felons. The programs will help ensure basic needs are met while trying to improve your situation.

The low income financial assistance programs for felons are designed to give grants. The grants, unlike loans, do not ever have to be paid back.

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