Jobs for felons

Are you struggling to find work because jobs for felons seem few and far between? Then you’re in the right spot. We’ve compiled a database of companies willing to hire justice-involved individuals that you can search based on skill set, location, industry, etc. It might surprise you to see what’s currently available in your own community.

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Above is a list of companies that we have personally contacted for information regarding jobs for felons. This is not a list that was copied from other sources. We contacted each company to get answers to the following questions:

  • What is the companies policy for providing jobs for felons
  • Has the company hired former felons in the past
  • Does the company have a special program to provide jobs for felons
  • Who makes the hiring decisions
  • What is the best way to secure a position with the company
  • Hiring locations
  • Hiring website links

This list will be continuously updated as we contact more and more employers. If you know of a company that provides jobs for felons and should be added to the list please leave a comment below:

Where to find jobs for felons

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High chance of getting hired

High likelihood of hiring felons

These companies have stated they will hire former felons, or we have firsthand confirmation that they have before. They are more felon-friendly, and the process is generally easier for those of us with a record.

Use the “Company Filters” option on the list above to see only companies that are most likely to hire you.

Average chance of getting hired

Average likelihood of hiring felons

There’s nothing banning you from getting hired at companies in this section, but there’s nothing helping you, either. Chances are they’ve hired felons before, or strongly promote an equal opportunity culture. These companies are somewhat open to hiring people with certain felonies.

Uncertain chance of getting hired

Uncertain likelihood of hiring felons

Companies in this category are a bit of a mystery. It could be we have yet to get a straight answer from the company, or that we are getting conflicting information about them. In any event, it’s hard for us to tell you what your odds are. If you’re interested in these companies, make sure you are fully prepared when you apply.

Low chance of getting hired

Low likelihood of hiring felons

Unfortunately, some companies have out-right told us they don’t hire felons. While we know nothing is universal, getting a job at one of the following companies will be very tough. Companies change their policies all the time so things could improve in the future.