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20 Concrete Ways to Find Jobs for Felons in Nashville in 2023

By Last update September 1, 2022
Nashville Tennessee cityscape

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you are all too familiar with the challenge of finding work with a felony conviction. This resource has been compiled with the goal of helping you find jobs for felons in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is a large city with nearly 700,000 people. While there are plenty of jobs to go around, it can still be very difficult to find employers open to hiring former felons. It’s helpful when you know where to start looking.  

We’ve reached out to over 1,000 employers to ask about their hiring practices. Resources like this one have been carefully crafted to help you avoid wasting time on dead ends. Many of our own writers have been in the same position you now find yourself in, trying to find employment with a complicated past. We are well aware of the challenges you face! Read on for some companies that hire felons in Nashville. 

Jobs that hire felons in Nashville

Nashville Tennessee cityscape

The section below includes a search feature designed to help you navigate listings for the most likely employers for former felons. You can fill in the fields to get a more refined list of opportunities of jobs that hire felons in Nashville, organized by categories like job type or industry. 

Top companies that hire felons in Nashville

All of the opportunities listed below have been selected specifically because they are most likely to hire someone with a criminal record. You will find that most of the jobs below fall into the “entry-level” category, as these positions are often more receptive to former offenders. Click on the company name below to jump right to them, or read on for the complete list. 

Big Machine Distillery and Tavern

Vanderbilt University

Saint Thomas Health

Renaissance Nashville Hotel

Cumberland Die Company

Ryman Auditorium

Cracker Barrel

Nashville Lawn Care Solutions

Dollar General


Remember that a good resume is one one of the most important factors that decides if you will get a job or not. If you aren’t so confident about your resume, take a look at this handy guide to resume-building for former offenders!

Now that that’s done, let’s take a look at some great Nashville area jobs!

Big Machine Distillery and Tavern

If you got excited just reading the name, this place is for you. Big Machine is well-known locally and offers excellent food and drinks, plus they have more than one location. They’re also known to be a flexible hirer if you have the right attitude.

Here are a few potential employment opportunities in the Nashville area:

  • Bartender
  • Server
  • Cook
  • Line Cook
  • Host

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt is a well-known university in the Nashville area. They are also a significant Nashville employer, offering many jobs that fall into the “entry-level” category. And, if you really want to teach, you can apply for that too!

Here are a few of your best bets:

  • Custodian
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Food Service
  • Groundskeeping

Saint Thomas Health

Saint Thomas Health is a hospital in the Nashville area. Like most hospitals, it is also a rich source of entry-level positions that may suit the needs of former offenders looking for work.

Here are some positions you might come across there:

  • Custodian
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Food Service
  • Maintenance 

Renaissance Nashville Hotel

Iconic in the business core, the Renaissance Nashville Hotel is an excellent source for jobs in the hospitality industry. You don’t have to have any background to work most jobs in a hotel, unless you’re wanting to get in on their events and marketing teams.

Here are some jobs you might find at this hotel:

  • Housekeeper
  • Receptionist
  • Maintenance
  • Cook

Cumberland Die Supply

Founded in 1948, this tool and die company supplies parts to the appliance, automotive, vending machine, lighting, office furniture, and lawn and garden equipment industries. Working in a hardware store will teach you lots of cool things about what you can fix and how!

Some of the entry-level jobs here:

  • Cashier
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Administration
  • Sales Person

Ryman Auditorium

The music industry in Nashville is renouned. While you could work at lots of smaller locations (and do apply to your favorites!), Ryman Auditorium has a large employee base, is constantly busy, and have an equal employment opportunity policy. You will have to submit to an E-Verify process, but they make that information obvious on their job ads for you to look into if you’re concerned.

Take a look at these positions first:

  • Retail Customer Service
  • Receiver and Inventory
  • Hospitality Host
  • Usher

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Anyone who has ever been on a road trip is well acquainted with the restaurant chain, Cracker Barrel. They have a large presence in Nashville, and may serve as a good opportunity for people with experience in the food service industry. Not only that, they have a store component so that means you’ll be able to do the retail side as well!

Some good entry-level jobs to start with:

  • Greeter
  • Server
  • Busser
  • Cook
  • Cashier

Nashville Lawn Care Solutions

People with green thumbs can start their own lawn care companies, but you could also get a feel for it first by working with a reputable company like Nashville Lawn Care Solutions. They offer full services for properties, which means you will learn how to do everything.

Try one of these entry-level positions:

  • Landscaper
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Installation Technician

Dollar General

Dollar General is pretty much everywhere so it should be no surprise that they have a large presence in the Nashville area. This retailer provides shift work, so there’s a chance you’ll be able to match your schedule to their hours.

Here are some jobs that are commonly available at most Dollar General locations:

  • Clerk
  • Warehouse
  • Stocker
  • Custodian 


Nissan is a major US-based car manufacturing company. Due to the nature of the company, most of the entry-level jobs will probably take place in the factory. However, there are other potential opportunities as well.

Check out some of their positions:

  • Factory Line Worker
  • Customer Service
  • Custodian
  • Administrative Assistant

Trucking jobs for felons in Nashville

The trucking industry can be a great place for former offenders to find high paying jobs with tons of hours. Not only does trucking typically feature above average compensation, but it also tends to be an industry that is open to hiring former offenders. 

Here is a list of some trucking jobs for felons in Nashville. 

  • Sysco
  • M&M Distributors
  • Imperfect Foods
  • Greyline Transportation

Warehouse jobs for felons in Nashville

Warehouse work is another field that tends to offer entry-level positions that provide high compensation. And, like the trucking industry, you may find that your background doesn’t hold you back so much as you look for warehouse jobs for felons in Nashville.

  • FedEx
  • Associated Wholesale Grocers
  • Bargain Hunt
  • Hester and Cook

Temp agency jobs for felons in Nashville

Sometimes you will find that shorter term work suits you best. In those situations, employment agency jobs for felons in Nashville will be a great opportunity. 

These are the top temp agency jobs for felons in Nashville. 

  • Randstad
  • Adecco
  • Star Industries
  • DM Consulting Group

Second chance and job training programs for felons in Nashville

Nashville has adopted a “Ban the Box” policy on metro government jobs. This means if you apply for a job in local government, they won’t be asking you about prior offenses on the application. 

Ban the Box laws are a great start, but they also aren’t the only second chance and job training programs for felons in Nashville. Below, you will find some great organizations that can serve as a resource for you. 

  • Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry (TPOM)
    • Mission: Reuniting with God, family and community.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Family, Housing, Legal, Mental Health
  • Mending Hearts
    • Mission: To provide shelter, hope and healing to women who are homeless due to addiction, co-occurring disorders, mental or emotional disorders.
    • Services offered: Family, Housing, Mental Health
  • Be A Helping Hand
    • Mission: Is to help underserved families by providing safe affordable housing and person-centered programs that will empower the communities we serve.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Family
  • Nashville Opportunities Industrialization Center
    • Mission: Is to provide education, training, counseling and job placement services for citizens of the community who are disadvantaged economically, educationally, and socially.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment
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