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22 Sure Methods of Finding Jobs for Felons in Las Vegas in 2023

By Last update July 30, 2022
Las Vegas Nevada cityscape

There are about 650,000 people that call this famous town in Nevada home. If you’re one of them and you’re looking for jobs for felons in Las Vegas, we can help!

Staff at Relaunch Pad have researched some of the biggest employers in the city. Would you believe that we’ve also contacted more than 1,000 companies in the country to ask about their policy for hiring former felons?

Why are we so determined to help? Because we’ve either been through the criminal justice system ourselves or have helped those who have. We know the struggle and want to do everything we can to make it easier.

Jobs that hire felons in Las Vegas

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To help you find jobs that hire felons in Las Vegas, we’ve designed a cool search function. It includes some of the biggest companies in the industries we’ve mentioned above. Just type in whatever business sector you like, and see what jobs are there.

Top companies that hire felons in Las Vegas

You might know Las Vegas as a popular holiday destination. Would you believe over 37 million tourists visit the city every year? That means lots of entertainment and hospitality jobs. In addition, Las Vegas has strong construction, trades and transportation sectors.

We’ve listed the top companies that hire felons in Las Vegas.

Take a look at what these businesses do and the kinds of entry-level jobs they have. We’re confident you’ll see a few right away that you want to add to your job search list!

Remember, even if you haven’t done a particular job before it doesn’t mean you can’t. That’s why we call them entry-level jobs! Think about the specific skills you have that will help, not whether you’ve done the actual job.

Go ahead and click on the following links for jobs in sales, construction and more!


MGM Grand

Las Vegas Sands

Johnson Electric

RGIS Inventory

JP’s Junk Removal

Southwest Gas Holdings

Las Vegas Valley Health

Cox Communications

Honey Salt

Keep in mind that you must write a really good resume when you have a criminal record. Our resume-writing advice is the best! Follow the instructions to improve your chances of getting an interview for the job you want.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is a very big name in the resort and casino business. If you’d like to work where people come to play, take in live shows and eat at great restaurants, this might be the place to apply. There are quite a variety of job opportunities.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • VIP agent
  • Reward representative
  • Pool attendant
  • Security officer

MGM Grand

Sticking with hospitality, MGM Grand is one of the other largest employers in Las Vegas. This hotel and casino complex relies on many staff to keep guests well looked after.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Bus person
  • Parking attendant
  • Cabana host
  • Food runner

Las Vegas Sands

Here’s our final pick for a large employer in the hospitality business. Las Vegas Sands runs a number of upscale hotels in the city with entertainment and fine dining.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Restaurant server
  • Usher
  • Hotel front desk agent
  • Housekeeper

Johnson Electric

How about a job in the manufacturing industry? Johnson Electric is a large Las Vegas employer that designs and builds electric products such as switches and control systems. They service the automotive industry mainly. And, their products are used in home appliances, power tools, etc.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Material Handler
  • Sales Person
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Journeyman

RGIS Inventory

RGIS Inventory is known around the country for providing inventory control systems for many industries. Their service means businesses don’t have to worry about keeping track of products in-house.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Stocker
  • Inventory Associate
  • Administration
  • Maintenance

JP’s Junk Removal

The team at JP’s Junk Removal services a large area. They’re busy all year round, so don’t be shy about applying. They have a section to explain about your conviction on their application and we suggest you do. Tell them how you’re ready and willing to work and see where it goes!

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Driver
  • Sales
  • Junk Removal
  • Cleaning

Southwest Gas Holdings

Another large employer in the energy sector is Southwest Gas Holdings. This utility company provides natural gas to a great many customers.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Sales Person
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Construction Technician
  • Lineman

Las Vegas Valley Health System

If you’d like to work in health care, then Las Vegas Valley Health System is the biggest in the area. This is where you’ll find a wide variety of entry-level opportunities.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Receptionist
  • Patient Transporter
  • Cleaner
  • Cafeteria Staff

Cox Communications

Cox Communications has 6 million customers and is the country’s third-largest cable TV provider. This is a company worth considering due to its size alone.

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Sales Representative
  • Technician
  • Customer Service Representative
  • IT
  • Shift Manager

Honey Salt

Located on Rampart, this restaurant does a lot of business. Honey Salt offers a wide variety of menu items that appeal to people across the board, so you don’t need specialized knowledge to work here. Just a great work ethic!

Some of the most promising entry-level jobs for former felons:

  • Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Host
  • Server
  • Bartender

Trucking jobs for felons in Las Vegas

A job driving a truck is one of the best ways to get back into the workforce with a criminal background. That’s because this industry is always hiring. Another reason is that trucking companies are known for hiring people with criminal records. That is, as long as you have a clean driving history.

In trucking you’ll find long-term work, good pay and benefits and sometimes even a company that will train you. Aren’t those enough reasons to add this sector to your list?

Look below for trucking jobs for felons in Las Vegas:

Warehouse jobs for felons in Las Vegas

Warehouse jobs for felons in Las Vegas is something else to look into. That’s because these are normally entry-level. The work is usually quite physical and you might be assigned to different shifts.

It’s an industry where you can get your foot in the door and stay if you like the work. The pay is usually decent, and when they’re busy there may be overtime opportunities.

Here are some of the largest Las Vegas warehouses:

  • Advantage
  • Beauty Supply
  • Big’s Furniture Outlet
  • Costco
  • Skechers

Temp agency jobs for felons in Las Vegas

Shorten your job search by applying to temp agency jobs for felons in Las Vegas. This is where you’ll find a great selection of entry-level job openings.

Companies everywhere know that hiring through employment agencies is one of the best ways to fill job openings. Employers can get help from staffing professionals to quickly find good candidates with the needed skills. 

When you’re job hunting, temp agency staff will match you with jobs that are the best fit. In addition, they can tell you a little about the business and give you some tips for the interview. So, what’s not to like? 

Following are some agencies to consider:

  • STS Staffing & Temporary Services
  • Express Employment
  • AtWork Personnel
  • Epic Personnel Partners

Second chance and job training programs for felons in Las Vegas

Here’s something you need to know when you’re job hunting in Las Vegas with a criminal record: The city’s Ban the Box law only applies to government workplaces.

If it did cover all employers, then they’d have to remove the criminal record check box from the job application form. Doing that protects applicants from being judged for their felony history instead of their job skills before they have the chance to interview.

Even so, there are other ways as an ex-offender to find assistance when you’re looking for work in the city. Below are second chance and job training programs for felons in Las Vegas to read up on:

  • Casa Grande Re-Entry Center
    • Mission: The Nevada Department of Corrections and The Molasky Group of Companies, a private real estate developer, opened the Casa Grande Re-Entry Center. This modern facility provides inmates nearing the end of their sentences the tools for a successful return to society while costing Nevada taxpayers very little. Today, the Molasky Group of Companies has teamed with former Nevada Department of Corrections director Jackie Crawford to further develop the Casa Grande program to serve as a model across the country for Correctional Re-Entry Centers, Juvenile and Adult Detainment Centers, and Social Service and Mental Health Centers for Jails/Correctional Facilities.
    • Services offered: Education, Employment, Medical
  • Project START+
    • Mission: Is an HIV/STI/hepatitis risk reduction and linkage to care program for people returning to the community after incarceration.
    • Services offered: Education, Medical
  • Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow
    • Mission: Is to help the underemployed and unemployed in southern Nevada gain the vocational education and job training to get that well-paying job.
    • Services offered: Employment
  • True Beginnings
    • Mission: True Beginnings, established as a 501(c)3 organization in 2013 in the Hampton, VA region, by a formerly incarcerated woman, Vera Moore, who has a vision of providing other formerly incarcerated women true access to prosperity and equity through wrap-around services such as trauma informed case management, life coaching, nutrition and wellness workshops, family therapy, employment readiness groups, and other gender responsive programing.
    • Services offered: Education, Housing, Family, Mental Health
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