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Does Marie Callender’s Hire Felons in 2021?

By Last update December 4, 2018
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Marie Callender’s is a restaurant chain with locations spread throughout North America. But that information leaves one important question: Does Marie Callender’s hire felons? That is the topic that we intend to explore today.

At Relaunch Pad, our goal is to help former felons improve their chances of getting a job. We know getting hired can be hard when you have a record, so we use our expertise (most of us have records or work with those who do!) to make the process a little easier.

Here are a few concerns that we will examine in this guide:

  • Resume tips
  • What felonies count against you
  • Does Marie Callender’s do background checks?
  • Does Marie Callender’s do drug tests?

We will even cover how to get hired at Marie Callender’s. To get this information, we went to the source and asked Marie Callender’s directly.

Without further ado, let’s find out more about how to get a job at Marie Callender’s with a felony!

Does Mary Callender’s hire felons?

jobs for felons, company profile, Marie Callender's, restaurants

Official company policy for hiring felons

When we contacted Marie Callender’s, here is what they told us:

“Each restaurant is responsible for hiring their own employees at each location.”

By itself, that’s not very much information. However, we did get a little bit more info from a secondary source that says some Perkins restaurants (a chain owned by the same company) have hired people with felony convictions in the past.

So, does Marie Callender’s hire felons? It looks like they might.

Has Marie Callender’s hired felons in the past?

It looks like they probably have. That said, the official statement they gave us suggests your opportunities will depend on where you apply. Different hiring managers will have different policies, but the potential to find work is there.

Does Marie Callender’s hire people with misdemeanors?

It isn’t only former felons that have a hard time finding work. Does Marie Callender’s hire people with misdemeanors? Unfortunately, their response didn’t tell us.

Here is what we can say: Companies that will hire people with felonies are also likely to hire qualified candidates with misdemeanors.

Is Marie Callender’s on the Ban the Box list?

The Ban the Box campaign works to eliminate questions from applications that ask about criminal records. As a result, you have a much better opportunity to be considered on the basis of your skills.

There is another movement called the Fair Chance Business Pledge that is also helping former offenders. Companies on this list choose to make a commitment to remove barriers for former felons and treat all applicants fairly.

Companies that are involved in these projects provide great opportunities for reformed felons. Marie Callender’s is not one of these companies. This is unfortunate, but it also isn’t the end of your chances. Many companies that are not on these lists still hire former felons.

Does Marie Callender’s have special programs for hiring felons?

Marie Callender’s does not have special programs for hiring felons.

What are the odds someone with a felony will get hired?

Uncertain likelihood of being hired with a felony

Marie Callender’s hasn’t made it easy to determine your odds of getting hired. In the statement they gave us, they didn’t say either way if they have hired former felons. We also know they’re not involved with Ban the Box and haven’t made a public pledge to help former felons.

However, we do know that former felons have found work at other restaurants under the same umbrella, such as Perkins.

So, does Marie Callender’s hire felons? With a lack of more concrete information, we can only say maybe. Your odds of getting hired here are pretty uncertain.

What are some entry-level jobs?

Marie Callender’s is a restaurant, and features positions you are probably familiar with.

You can expect to find jobs for waiters/waitresses and host/hostess. There will also be opportunities for work in the kitchen, such as being a cook or dishwasher.

To fill shifts from breakfast through dinner, you might have evening and weekend shifts as well.

How to get hired at Marie Callender’s with a felony

The most important thing to focus on is how you are presented to the hiring manager. This begins before you even get an interview.

In fact, if you want to get an interview at all, you need to nail the resume and application. You need to show them your skills and experience, and this is where you start.

Never be shy about asking for help with an application or resume. They can be tricky, but there are plenty of ways to get a helping hand. Writing centers, career agencies and even friends and family are all valuable resources that you should take advantage of.

It’s time to put your best foot forward. Experience in a restaurant is going to be very beneficial. However, if you have had any customer service positions in the past, they will also be looked at favorably.

Have you washed dishes (even in jail)? Do you know basic food handling skills? Have you taken any food prep courses? They all count.

This is especially true for positions like waiter or host. Any job experience you have that proves you know how to interact with people is a big plus.

It’s extra important to make sure your personality shines in the interview. Since you’re going to be working with the public, you really want to showcase your social skills here.

Dress well, cover tattoos, remove unconventional piercings and do your best to look professional. These are things any applicant must do to make a good impression.

However, since your status as a former felon will be evaluated by the person hiring you, it is key that you present a professional image. This is your chance to show them that you are more than just your felony, so take advantage of it!

Last, try to get comfortable. Everyone feels a little bit uncomfortable during interviews, but the goal is not to show it.

You may find it helpful to do a dummy interview with someone you know. Whatever it takes to make sure that you are as natural as possible when you get there!

Does Marie Callender’s do background checks?

It actually depends on where you apply. This is another aspect of the process that will depend on the individual policies of the store you apply at.

Some do, some don’t.

For the stores that do use background checks, here is some stuff to keep in mind:

First, there are actually some states that don’t consider information that is more than seven years old. In other words, if your felony was eight years ago, it won’t come up in the background check.

Here are those states:

  • California
  • Colorado*
  • Kansas*
  • Maryland*
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire*
  • New York*
  • Texas*
  • Washington*

Better yet? There are also some states that won’t look at offenses you weren’t convicted of. That means if you were tried for something but found not guilty, Marie Callender’s will not see it in a background check.

Here are the states where that is the policy:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York

Unfortunately, there are also quite a few states where they look at everything.

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • DC
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

If you live in one of those states, Marie Callender’s will see your entire record when they check your history.

Company ratings

To see how people feel about working at Marie Callender’s, we took to the internet. According to the reviews on, the employee experience is pretty good. This company has a 3.8 out of 5 potential stars.

The biggest complaint was compensation, which received only three stars. Unfortunate, yes, but also something to keep in mind.

What felony convictions might have a hard time getting hired here?

There are a few felonies that Marie Callender’s will have a problem with. For example, sexual and violent offenses may keep you from getting hired for a position that deals with customer service. Theft convictions might also keep you from getting hired for positions that require handling cash.

Does Marie Callender’s drug test?

Drug tests are also up to the hiring manager. Since we can’t say when or where one might happen, you’ll need to be prepared. Always err on the side of caution.

Have you applied for a job or worked here? Share your experiences!

We hope the information helped you prepare for the hiring process. What else would you like to know?

We would love to hear from you, especially if you have applied or worked here in the past.

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