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  • Maintenance
  • Class A Felony
  • Less than 1 year since conviction

Apr 26, 2022

Received a job offer

Yes and I accepted

Drug tested?


Background check


If they did run a background check, how far back was the background check?

10 years

What was the application process like

Fill out application was made an offer and they needed to wait on status of background check . I had 15 years experience for the position offered and after my background check came back I received an email stating Walmart will pass on hiring me. They have more qualified people. What a joke. I already have a full time job wanted to work a second job for more money. I wasn't given a fair chance.

What was the interview process like

Shannon spoke to me on the phone , hired me on the phone , then all of a sudden they have more qualified candidates. I have experience 15+ years. It was because of my record.

Were you convicted of a drug related offense?


Were you convicted of a violent offense?


Were you convicted of a sexual offense?


Did you receive a job offer?

Yes and I accepted