Outside of a Speedway station

Speedway Hiring Overview For 2022

Founded 1959

Type Public

Headquarters Enon, OH

Size Large Corporation

Industry Gas Stations

Wondering if Speedway hires felons? We were, too, so we decided to find out. We went directly to the company to ask them about their hiring policy for former felons. We also reaached out to over 1,ooo companies across the US to see what the hiring market is like in general for people with criminal records. We know what you need to do to make yourself a desireable candidate!

Speedway is a large gas station and convenience store chain the is primarily spread out across the East Coast and Midwest. With locations in 32 different states, they are one of the largest gas stations and convenience stores in the United States . . . which means there is good chance there is one hiring near you.


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Does Speedway hire felons?

Confirmed felon employer

Hires sex offenders

Hires drug offenders

We have heard from multiple sources that many Speedway locations are open to hiring individuals with a variety of felony convictions on their records. As with many large companies, who the hiring manager is will have a major impact on what felonies are allowable.

Since Speedway is such a large company the job you are applying for will also influence what felony convictions are allowable. If you have prior convictions for theft, for example, they are much less likely to hire you for roles that include handling money.



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  • Cashier
  • Full Time
  • Class C Felony
  • Less than 1 year since conviction

Oct 8, 2021

What you liked about this company?

Lots of shifts available and open to hiring people with a record.

What you didn’t like about this company?

Not crazy about the managers.

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