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Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Family Mental Health

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Wheeler Community Justice Services mission – Wheeler provides equitable access to innovative care that improves health, recovery and growth at all stages of life.

Our Vision: All people will have the opportunity to grow, change and live healthier, productive lives.

More about Wheeler: Wheeler provides comprehensive solutions that address complex health issues, providing individuals, families and communities with accessible, innovative care that encourages health, recovery and growth at all stages of life.  Our integrated approach to primary and behavioral health, education and recovery creates measurable results, positive outcomes and hopeful tomorrows for more than 30,000 individuals across Connecticut each year: www.wheelerclinic.org

More information on services provided:

Wheeler’s Community Justice Services

Wheeler delivers Community Justice Services in several locations across Connecticut. Working closely with the courts, and other organizations, we deliver substance abuse and behavioral health outpatient, education and intervention services in convenient community settings. Most of our Community Justice programs are court-referred.

Our Court-Referred Programs Include: 

  • Alternative in the Community

Community-based intervention services for adults involved with the court or on probation.

  • Advanced Supervision and Intervention Support Team (ASIST)

Serves adults who are involved with the New Britain court system and who also have a significant mental health condition, or co-occurring mental health and substance use issues.

  • Explore

Provides male domestic violence offenders with the information and skills they need to change their behaviors and learn to improve their current and future relationships. Participants are referred by the Court, Probation or Parole.

  • Family Violence Education Program

Offers specialized intervention and education to adults arrested for the first time for family violence crimes. Participants are referred by the Court.

  • Parenting Education Program

Wheeler Clinic’s Parenting Education Program (PEP) is designed for parents with active divorce, separation or custody cases in the Family Division of the Connecticut court system. The program educates parents about the many issues children face when the structure of the family changes. The fee is $150, payable by cash or money order, and is required upon arrival to the program prior to being admitted to the group. Participants are referred by the Court.

  • Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Services

Serves adults who are arrested for the first time for driving or boating while intoxicated. Participants are referred by the Court.

  • Pre-Trial Drug Education Services

The program serves adults who are charged for the first time with possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia. Participants are referred by the Court.

For information about our Community Justice Services, click here: https://www.wheelerclinic.org/services/adults/community-justice-services

Outpatient Services

Adult Outpatient Recovery Services

Individual, group and family therapy to address problems associated with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, anger management, grief and loss, and other mental health issues. In many circumstances, Medicaid, commercial insurance or third-party payer covers service costs.

For information about our Adult Outpatient Services, click here: https://www.wheelerclinic.org/services/wheeler-services/adult-outpatient-services