We Care Program

Services offered: Education Spiritual Services

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Address 3493 Highway 21, Atmore, AL 36502

Community area Served Alabama, Ohio, Florida

Phone Number (251) 368-8818

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We Care Program mission – The vision of We Care Program is to see the redemptive power of Christ become evident in the lives of inmates as they grow and make disciples in prison and beyond. Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ through chaplaincy in the correctional setting. Our vision and mission statements are the goals that keep us entering prison each day to minister to the men and women behind bars.

More information on services provided:

We Care Program provides the following services:

  • Placing and training missionary chaplains to serve in correctional facilities that request assistance, realizing the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with correctional administrations and submitting to existing authority structures.
  • Fostering relationships with inmates by sharing encouragement and friendship, while understanding the urgency of sharing the Gospel message with those who are not yet following Christ.
  • Encouraging Christian inmates to live in the community within the prison by working towards unity among believers, serving others, and reaching out to fellow inmates still living in darkness.
  • Teaching Biblical studies and practical life skills with an emphasis on preparing inmates for successful re-entry into society.
  • Mentoring those who have committed their lives to following Christ by helping to nurture personal growth and offering spiritual guidance.
  • Providing outreach opportunities and experiences through the annual Alabama multi-prison ministry event “ReNew Hope” and other events giving participants an increased passion for missions and further development of spiritual gifts for more effective service in their local churches and communities.
  • Collaborating with those who support our purpose including churches, sister ministries, social agencies, and individuals.