Volunteers of America Northern Rockies

Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Education Employment Legal Medical Mental Health Spiritual Services

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies

Address 1299 Raymond St., Gillette, WY 82717 Send mail to PO Box 1346

Community area Served Gillette, Wyoming

Phone Number (307) 682-8505

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Volunteers of America Northern Rockies mission To compassionately serve and strengthen individuals by empowering them to build healthy and happy lives.

More information on services provided:

  • Addiction and recovery
    • In-house Substance Abuse treatment IOP and Relapse Prevention
  • Education
    • Access to GED and college-level courses
  • Employment
    • Employment opportunities and counseling
  • Financial
    • Budgeting and financial counseling
  • Legal
    • Individualized case management
  • Medical
  • Mental health and wellness
    • In-house anger management and cognitive classes
    • In-house life skills, parenting courses, and corrective thinking
  • Religious
    • Minister support

IOP 90-day Sanction Program

Who they help – Those who are involved in the legal system to reintegrate them back into society.