The Kennebec Regional Reentry Project (KeRRP)

Services offered: Legal

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Address Maine Pretrial, 9 Green St., suite 3a, Augusta, ME 04330

Community area Served Maine

Phone Number (207) 623-9677

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KeRRP mission Is a special community reentry program for selected participants who show a willingness to change the behaviors that lead to incarceration.

More information on restrictions:

Program participants must meet all of the following eligibility requirements for release under KeRRP:

  • Participant must have a split sentence.
  • Participant must have 60-364 days remaining in custody after serving at least one-third of his/her sentence.
  • Participant is not serving a sentence for a sex offense or a sexually violent offense as defined under Title 34-A, section 11203.
  • Participant must agree to monitoring for 6 months or the remainder of his/her sentence, whichever is longer.
  • In addition to the above mentioned requirements, participation in KeRRP requires a final disposition of all criminal charges against the participant.