The HelpKC

Services offered: Employment Family Medical Mental Health Reentry Transportation

Restrictions: Assists women only

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Address 1734 E. 63rd St. Suite 108, Kansas City, MO 64110

Community area Served Kansas City, Missouri

Phone Number (816) 227-6020

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The HelpKC mission The Help’s mission is to inspire and empower women who have become impaired by unlawful choices. Programming goals will be to help women gain financial independence through employment and careers and gain good health through physical, mental and social supports.

More information on services provided:

We offer reentry initiatives to women in an effort to reduce recidivism through the following strategies: Employment & Employment Readiness, Health & Wellness and Women Empowerment sessions and we also promote a holistic approach to challenges with reentry.

  • Employment
    • Readiness
    • Resume creation and revision
  • Medical
    • Health and wellness
  • Mental
    • Women Empowerment
  • Family
    • Reunification activities
    • Social Services referrals
    • Toiletries

Who they help – We assist formerly incarcerated women who are returning home from prison and/ or women who have felony conviction(s) re-enter society. We have broadened our scope to include women veterans with emphasis on women vets who have been dishonorably discharged from the military as they face the same issues as women who have felony convictions when it comes to re-entering society.