New Beginnings Foundation

Services offered: Employment Spiritual Services

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Address 305 S. Perry Street, Montgomery, AL 36104-4233

Community area Served Montgomery, Alabama

Phone Number (334) 220-6519

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New Beginnings Foundation mission – Compassionately reducing recidivism by helping individuals while incarcerated to develop a foundation of spiritual wellness and providing post-release connection to community resources and support groups, thereby promoting responsible and productive citizens, stronger families and safer communities.

The founder began working in the prison ministry arena in 1990. As he served as a volunteer with Prison Fellowship Ministries, he quickly became aware of the recidivism or failed reentry dilemma. After much prayer over an eight-year span, God called him in June 2001 to begin working on solving the failed reentry dilemma. Consequently, he founded New Beginnings Foundation, Inc. (NBFI), an Alabama 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, in June 2003.

Who they help – New Beginnings primarily helps women transition back into the workforce after incarceration. The will provide referrals to resource centers to help with this goal.