Nehemiah Justice Reconciliation Program

Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Employment Housing Legal Mental Health

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Address 655 W. Badger Road, Madison, WI 53713

Community area Served Madison, Wisconsin

Phone Number (608) 257-2453

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Nehemiah Justice Reconciliation Program mission – Nehemiah Reentry Services provides a wide array of culturally competent and relevant programs to meet the needs of men who are leaving jail or prison. These programs are designed to ensure that each participant can transition out of the prison system successfully and that they can become contributing members of their communities. Nehemiah ensures that their staff includes formerly incarcerated African-American individuals who have successfully navigated the challenges of reentry. Nehemiah Reentry’s programs and services include housing, coaching, mentoring, employment, advocacy, and case management. All of these are provided with the intention of providing a safe, sober living environment, addressing issues such as addiction, trauma, and anger management, assisting participants with job placement with local businesses, advocating for ex-offenders legally, and much more. Overall, Nehemiah Reentry Services seeks to reduce recidivism and incarceration by addressing basic needs such as housing and employment, as well as providing mentoring and peer support to navigate challenges that may arise on a personal, legal, and family level.