Mz. Shirliz

Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Housing

Mz. Shirliz logo

Address Antioch, CA

Community area Served East Contra Costa County, California

Phone Number (650) 218-8256

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Mz. Shirliz mission – Mz Shirliz Transitional provides temporary housing and a continuum of crisis resource services to those who are struggling with addiction, been previously incarcerated and to those who are currently homeless.

More information on services provided:

  • Addiction and recovery
    • Recovery meetings
  • Housing
    • Short-term clean and sober transitional housing
    • When in residence, referrals available for the following: mentoring, employment training and employment, public assistance and health benefits, credit reviews, legal assistance, and additional group recovery and life meetings.

Who they help:

  • Those who want to remain sober
  • Those previously incarcerated
  • The homeless