Garden Pathways

Services offered: Education Employment Family Legal Mental Health

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Address 1616 29th Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301

Community area Served Kern County, California

Phone Number (661) 633-9133

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Garden Pathways mission – Garden Pathways transforms lives from the inside out through loving, mentoring relationships.

More information on services provided:

  • Employment
    • Industry-recognized certification training
  • Family
    • Child care, including preschool and dayschool services for ages 0-5
  • Legal
    • Case management
  • Mental health and wellness
    • Comprehensive mentoring services
    • Developmental groups

Who they help

Garden Pathways has been serving adult and youth participants facing dire conditions in life for over 19 years. In addition to children and youth served through our childcare and arts mentoring programs, Garden Pathways also serves youth and adults who are currently or formerly incarcerated; impacted by gangs and/or community violence; emancipated and emancipating youth; youth at-risk of suspensions/expulsions; struggling with homelessness; in Welfare-to-Work or Child Protective Services programs; and survivors.