Father Matters

Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Clothing and Household Education Employment Housing Legal Medical Mental Health Referrals Spiritual Services

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Address 3146 E. Wier Ave. Suite 26, Phoenix, AZ 85040

Community area Served Maricopa County, Arizona

Phone Number (602) 774-3298

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Father Matters mission Father Matters is a community development organization, committed to building stronger, healthier communities by supporting, encouraging, and enlightening today’s fathers and families.

More information on services provided:

  • Education
    • Parenting and healthy relationship classes
    • Financial literacy (including benefit application assistance)
  • Employment
    • Training
  • Mental
    • Mentoring
  • Legal
    • Family law and child support services
  • Referrals to community services
    • Substance abuse counseling, individual counseling, dental and anger management.