Dismas House

Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Clothing and Household Education Employment Housing Mental Health

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Address 521 S St Joseph St, South Bend, IN 46601

Community area Served South Bend, Indiana

Phone Number (574) 233-8522

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Dismas House of Indiana mission We provide housing for those in our community recently released for incarceration with local college students to create a family atmosphere for our residents. We offer a variety of programs to assist our residents in their transition back into society.

More information on services provided:

  • Housing for individual men and women coming from incarceration.
    • We have case management, programming, room and board. We also have free laundry facilities, WiFi, and access to an open kitchen. We do charge $115/week and take Recovery Works. When something breaks, the residents are expected to try to fix things before I call a repair person. They receive a reduction of fees for extra work around the house.
    • Dismas helps individuals obtain health insurance, navigate social security and disability claims, divorces, license reinstatements, and other legal matters.
  • Clothing
  • Employment
    • Make resumes during tutoring sessions Monday nights
    • Help with ID including your Social Security Card
  • Education
    • Tutoring (GED as well as college prep)
  • Addiction
    • Substance abuse counseling group
    • MATRIX program — This treatment program provides adults in a variety of correctional settings including jails, community corrections, probation programs, drug courts, and prisons with the structure of an evidence-based treatment experience and combines education on both substance use and criminal thinking and behaviors
  • Mental wellness
    • Reiki (through a separate organization, The Vibrance Center of Michiana)
    • Life skills training
    • Individual and group counseling

Who they help – We mainly accept people from Parole District 8 in Indiana (which includes the counties of St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, Starke, Pulaski, Fulton, White, Cass, Miami, Wabash, Howard & Tipton), but can take from other areas in Indiana, as long as people have ties to our area. Only people who have been incarcerated with felony charges. We do not take anyone with pending charges, but we do take people who are court ordered here (we work with attorneys and judges to do this). We must have a Release of Information to obtain the applicant”s Pre-Sentence Investigation and their records while they were incarcerated (such as job performance, conduct ,etc).

How to get started – Applications are on our website under the “apply here” tab. Click “former offenders.”

You could also call 574-233-8522, email dismas@dismasin.org or go to https://dismashouseofindiana.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-Dismas-Application-General.pdf to print out the app and send it back to us! It generally takes 15-30 days to process an application. If you are presently incarcerated, staff will start to review your application when you are within 3-6 months of release.