Compassion in Action

Services offered: Education Employment Family Housing Legal Medical Mental Health Referrals Spiritual Services

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Address 2001 North 35th St., Omaha, NE 68111

Community area Served Omaha, Nebraska

Phone Number (402) 502-9890

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Compassion in Action mission To bring power and hope to those who are – or ever have been – incarcerated so they can live a successful, fulfilled life by being with our participants every step of the way until they feel ready to stand alone.

More information on services provided:

  • Education
    • Pre-release education and re-entry preparation
  • Employment and job-training options post-release
  • Family
    • Reunification
    • Child support
  • Health and Mental Wellness
    • Participants are given life-long support to help manage their sentence and any negative life impacts it has had
  • Legal
    • Including life documents like identification
  • Religious and spiritual services
    • Life coaching

*Referrals also available to other services

Who they help – We serve men, women and youth confined in prison and just recently, we have a partner that will provide transitional living for women coming out of jail..