Community Service Society of New York

Services offered: Employment Financial Legal Medical

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Address 633 Third Ave, 10th FL, New York, NY 10017

Community area Served New York, New York

Phone Number (212) 254-8900

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Community Service Society of New York mission – The mission of the Community Service Society is to identify problems which create a permanent poverty class in New York City, and to advocate the systemic changes required to eliminate such problems. CSS will focus on enabling, empowering and promoting opportunities for poor families and individuals to develop their full potential, to contribute to society, and to realize social, economic and political opportunities.

More information on services provided:

  • Financial
    • Education Debt Consumer Assistance Program (EDCAP) provides student loan debt counseling
  • Legal
    • Assist with access to benefits and connecting them to government programs (eviction prevention, SNAP, unemployment insurance, disability, etc.).
    • Lawyers litigate cases on behalf of New Yorkers with criminal histories who have been denied employment, housing and education opportunities.
    • The Next Door Project helps New Yorkers clean up their RAP Sheets, correct errors and apply for Certificates of Good Conduct.