California Reentry Institute Program

Services offered: Education Employment Family

Restrictions: Assists men only

California Reentry Institute Program logo

Address California Reentry Institute PO Box 51, Clayton, CA 94517

Community area Served California

Phone Number (925) 549-1416

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California Reentry Institute Program mission Preparing men for and supporting them through the transition from incarceration to freedom, assisting them in being contributing members of society. Proving that with preparation and support, the cycle of incarceration can be broken.

CRI believes that it takes a minimum of 18 months to 2 years to prepare for release from prison and that is why we have created our CRI Empowered Reentry program. A program run by an experienced team with strong curriculum designed to provide education and life skills. Men who voluntarily enter our program will be helped to understand who they are, where they have been, where they are going, preparing a road map to successfully get there and stay the course.

CRI believes that there has to be a cohesive transition from incarceration to freedom. In order to be successful our graduates must have a “safe place” to go upon their release. A place where they can continue the work they have started and have assistance with adjusting to life on the outside, gaining employment, and reconnecting with family and community. Services are provided to make this happen, including individual case management, life-long support, encouragement, and assistance.