Arizona Advocates for Ex-Offenders (AAFEO)

Services offered: Addiction and Recovery Employment Food Housing Legal Mental Health

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Address 2942 N 24th Street #114, Phoenix, AZ 856016

Community area Served Arizona

Phone Number (602) 424-5745

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Arizona Advocates for Ex-Offenders mission AAFEO is a Phoenix-based 501c (3) nonprofit agency whose mission is to reduce the recidivism in adults and youth through active engagement and community embeddedness. AAFEO is a 501c (3) designated nonprofit organization dedicated to helping ex-offenders to become contributing members of society. With the recognition that roughly 600,000 people are released from prisons and jails across the United States of America each year, a small group of friends and family members joined together in early 2016 to brainstorm ways to ease barriers and help those being released from prison.