AIDT Alabama Work Release And Prison Reentry

Services offered: Employment

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Address One Technology Court, Montgomery, AL 36116-3200

Community area Served Montgomery, Alabama

Phone Number (205) 719-3221

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AIDT mission – Nationally, the cost of incarcerating prisoners is escalating and consuming a greater percentage of tax dollars. Putting low risk work release (community custody) individuals and ex-offenders to work to earn the cost of their upkeep is an excellent, effective and responsible way to reduce the tax burden on the citizens of Alabama. With little or no hope for employment, national statistics show that of the 600,000 inmates released annually, 67% will become recidivists (i.e. return to crime and incarceration within three years of their release). As a result, failure to become employed after release is a major factor contributing to the high rate of recidivism. Ex-offenders and work release individuals are highly encouraged to participate in the Alabama Ready to Work Training Program, where they can receive their Career Readiness Credential and Alabama Certified Worker Certificate.